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The massive dome of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia took her breath away. It seemed to reach as high as the sky. She stood in the once a church and former mosque, now a museum, awestruck at the architecture of times past.

Gazing upon a gold mosaic of Mary with the infant Jesus, she felt transported through history to the Byzantine Empire.

Her guide, a friendly, handsome Turk, boasted that the U.S. didn’t have a history quite as old as Turkey.

She laughed, nodding her head in agreement. As she did, he caught the scent of her otherworldly perfume, with notes of Turkish rose, fresh mandarin, earthy greens, dewy jasmine, lush lily, sweet orange blossom, sensual sandalwood, deep blonde woods, spicy vanilla, and clean musk.

“But I don’t believe we have anything in Turkey as lovely as your fragrance,” he said with a smile.

She thanked him coyly. “Its name is Aynur,” she replied.

“Aynur means moonlight in Turkish!” he exclaimed.

She smiled knowingly.

“Perhaps I can show you Hagia Sophia by moonlight?” he asked.

“Perhaps,” she laughed.

Style: Adventurous. Inspiring. Timeless.

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