Cherry Blossom Sakura

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She had studied Japanese as an undergrad at Yale, and now all these years later, the opportunity to visit Japan during the spring was a dream come to life.

She traveled to Fujiyoshida, a city at the base of Mount Fuji with vast, breathtaking views of the majestic mountain. A photographer by trade, she clicked away as she visited the Chureito Pagoda, a peace shrine, with Mount Fuji looming large in the distance. Awestruck at the amazing beauty of the mountain and the shrine, she noticed blooming Cherry Blossom trees surrounding the pagoda. It was as if the Chureito Pagoda floated in a sea of pink Cherry Blossom flowers.

She recalled that in Japan the blooming of Cherry Blossoms, known in Japanese as Sakura, was practically a national event symbolizing the beginning of spring. She laughed to herself at the irony of having worn her favorite perfume, Cherry Blossom Sakura, that day.

Click after click, her camera roll was entirely full. As she was leaving the site, a Japanese gentleman softly tapped her on the shoulder. He suddenly caught a whiff of her perfume with notes of sweet Japanese Sakura, fresh peach, light melon, refreshing orange, dewy lily, lush jasmine, rich heliotrope, warm vanilla and clean musk.

“Pardon me, you forgot this,” he said, handing her purse to her and noticing her photography bag.

She thanked him and, gesturing toward the Cherry Blossoms, said, “Japan inspires me.”

“The scent of our Cherry Blossoms cannot compare to your fragrance,” he replied.

She smiled as she caught a whiff of Cherry Blossom Sakura on her neck, thinking that sometimes coincidences aren’t so coincidental after all.


Style: Elegant. Serene. Irresistible.

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