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History fascinated her, with its stories of opulent empires and fabulous rulers wielding unrivaled power. Her favorite monarch? Cleopatra.

Beautiful and clever, Cleopatra was the ultimate seductress, bewitching both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The exotic Egyptian queen mesmerized the Roman generals and nearly brought all of Rome to its knees.

She especially loved the story of Cleopatra sailing to Tarsus on her perfumed, golden barge to meet Mark Antony, leaving him utterly besotted with the elegant queen.

She took out her bottle of Cleopatra perfume and slipped it on her pulse points. With notes of enchanting Egyptian jasmine, lush gardenia, fresh frangipani, dewy lilac, sensual sandalwood, and spicy vanilla bean, its sweet scent made her feel like a queen in her own right.

Now I just have to meet my Mark Antony, she laughed.

Style: Regal. Ravishing. Romantic.

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