• 100 % Vegan 
  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • With Organic Ingredients
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  • Contigo Mini Roller 8.8 Ml - $30.00
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Product Description

As a young girl, she was enchanted by the magic of Spain, especially the passion and drama of flamenco. A trip to Seville now was an adventure she had been waiting for practically her whole life.
Standing on the streets of Seville and watching elegantly dressed gypsies perform for tourists, she felt the rhythm of the guitar and the theatrics of the performance move her.
A Spaniard with almond-colored eyes and raven hair asked her if she’d like to dance. Coyly she agreed.
As she swayed to the sound of the guitar, he leaned in closer and caught an intoxicating whiff of her Contigo perfume. Fresh Spanish mandarin, sweet peach, light lemon, tangy cassis, dewy jasmine, lush lily, spicy vanilla, brown sugar, sensual sandalwood, and clean musk drifted softly in the warm Mediterranean air.
“Your perfume is delightful,” he said.
“Gracias,” she replied. “It is Contigo.”
“Yes, you are with me,” he said, pulling her closer as they both laughed.
Style: Decadent. Daring. Passionate.