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She had moved to Tokyo recently for her new job in international finance. After spending her whole life in the U.S., she wanted to experience a new culture. She was always fascinated by Japan and fully embraced life in Tokyo, which reminded her so much of New York City. Skyscrapers. Bright lights. Modernity balanced with tradition.

After work, she headed to a popular bar to meet up with another ex-pat she had met where she lived. She spotted her friend at a table, two glasses of Sake waiting. As she walked over, she applied her Kirei perfume to her neck. Notes of fresh Japanese Satsuma mandarin, clean lemon, tangy cassis, elegant lily, red rose, dewy jasmine, soft clary sage, sweet brown sugar, creamy vanilla, soothing sandalwood, and warm musk drifted in the air.

She greeted her friend, sat down, and the two women toasted to Tokyo. A sophisticated Japanese gentleman in a well-tailored suit approached their table and spoke with her.

“I couldn’t help but catch a whiff of your lovely fragrance,” he said. “It’s exquisite!”

She thanked him for the compliment and with a smile replied, “Its name is Kirei.”

“That means beautiful in Japanese. It is indeed fitting,” he said with a warm laugh.

She raised her glass of Sake, and as if he had read her mind, they said at the same moment, “To beauty!”

Style: Dazzling. Enticing. Mesmerizing.

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