L’Eau Jeunesse


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She had been a perfumista all her life. As a young girl, she would watch her mother elegantly spritz fragrances from delicate crystal bottles in her boudoir, each drop of perfume landing softly on her neck. As an adult, an impulse trip to Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world, was now a dream come to life.

As she toured the perfumeries in Grasse, she watched with wonder as experts explained the art of making fine fragrances. Afterward, she had lunch at a small café when she recognized one of the experts, a handsome Frenchman with raven hair and eyes the color of the Mediterranean Sea.

She walked over to his table, introducing herself and thanking him for the wonderful demonstration. He caught a subtle whiff of her enchanting perfume with the scent of tangy French cassis, fresh lemon, ripe pineapple, dewy calla lily, lush jasmine, calming clary sage, soothing sandalwood, creamy vanilla, sweet brown sugar, warm amber, and clean musk.

“C’est magnifique!” he exclaimed, enraptured by her fragrance.

She smiled. “It’s L’Eau Jeunesse,” she replied.

“Youth Water,” he said with a polite chuckle. “Maybe America is the new capital of the perfume world?”

She laughed. Maybe, she thought to herself.

Style: Elegant. Alluring. Chic.

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