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She came to Brazil for its legendary Carnival. Five days of music, samba dancing, and sun in Rio de Janeiro.

At the Sambadrome, bright, colorful floats with dancers from different samba schools filled the venue as she and revelers in the crowd watched and danced the night away.

A handsome Brazilian with skin the color of warm sand approached her as she sambaed to the exotic rhythms. He smiled and asked, “What do you think of our Carnival?”

“It’s thrilling! A vibrant spectacle!” she said exuberantly over the beat of the music.

He caught a whiff of her Samba perfume with sweet Brazilian pineapple, fresh peach, light lemon, tangy cassis, dewy jasmine, lush lily, spicy vanilla, brown sugar, sensual sandalwood, and clean musk notes.

“The scent of your perfume is as captivating as our Carnival! What is its name?” he asked flirtatiously.

She smiled playfully. “It’s Samba!” she exclaimed as they both broke into laughter.

Style: Passionate. Vibrant. Fun.

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