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Harvey Prince has created new fragrances that are the very essences of what nature has intended. From sensuous to sexual. From energetic to serene. No pulse point necessary. Each one is to be placed on any part of your body. One at a time — possibly . More than one at a time? It’s your call. And they will last. And last. And last. Why? Because pleasure should never be fleeting.

Undeniably sexy

“It was Basil the First who established the Macedonian Dynasty,” he said.
“What a nerd,” she thought.
“He had troubles as a lover until his wife convinced him that musk was a potent aphrodisiac.”
“Go on,” she said.
“She bathed in musk essence every night and claimed that Basil had become the greatest lover in the kingdom. Of course every woman in the land wanted musk as a result.”
“Did it work for them, as well?” she asked, somewhat breathlessly.
“I guess. The population grew dramatically.”
“I just bought a fragrance called Singular Musk. May I spray it on myself?” she asked enticingly.
“It’s for science.” They both laughed as she spread the musk over various pulse points. The laughing soon ceased.
“Thank you Basil,” he said reverently.

Harvey Prince has concentrated the essence of Musk for…do we really have to tell you?

Style notes: Exciting, enticing, irresistible

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