Singular Scentsations – English Lavender

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  • 8.8 ml English Lavender Tall Spray
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Harvey Prince has created new fragrances that are the very essences of what nature has intended. From sensuous to sexual. From energetic to serene. No pulse point necessary. Each one is to be placed on any part of your body. One at a time — possibly . More than one at a time? It’s your call. And they will last. And last. And last. Why? Because pleasure should never be fleeting.

Purely invigorating
By the time she finally got home from work, all she wanted to do was to soak in a hot tub and curl up on the couch. If there was one night when she didn’t want to go to a fundraising dinner, this was it. Her mind was still racing, still replaying the meeting, still wondering how she’d get the presentation ready in time, still deciding what route to take to avoid all the traffic tomorrow.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror; her forehead was all knotted up. She showered, changed into her dress, fumbled anxiously with the clasp of her necklace a few times before she finally got it on. Then she rubbed her perfume gently onto her skin and smelled the lavender. Clean, pure, calming. Her forehead relaxed. Her breath deepened. A little smile even turned up the corners of her mouth. She slipped on her shoes and picked up her purse. It was going to be a fantastic evening!
Harvey Prince has created English Lavender as a convenient alternative to a long, soothing bath.
Style notes: Clean, calming, refreshing