Sexy Patchouli – Unleash your inner free spirit

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Harvey Prince has created new fragrances that are the very essences of what nature has intended. From sensuous to sexual. From energetic to serene. No pulse point necessary. Each one is to be placed on any part of your body. One at a time — possibly . More than one at a time? It’s your call. And they will last. And last. And last. Why? Because pleasure should never be fleeting.

Unleash your inner free spirit

They lay side by side beneath the sun, staring up at the clear blue sky. “It’s funny,” he said dreamily. “Being with you feels so natural.” Her patchouli perfume floated through the air between them, lifting their worries and making them feel light. Both of them were aware of the places where their hands touched, where their legs brushed against each other. A rush of energy washed over them, explosive, exciting. Suddenly she stood up, letting out a wicked little giggle. “Catch me if you can,” she said, playfully running through the fresh-cut grass as he followed close behind her. Harvey Prince’s Patchouli is a sexy fragrance that sets your spirit free.

Feeling free spirited Patchouli

Style notes: Playful, sexy, liberating

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8.8 ml Patchouly Tall Spray – $15.50


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