Turkish Delight


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100% Cruelty-Free
With Organic Ingredients

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As she strolled past rows of vibrant fruits, exotic sweets, and intricate trinkets, she marveled at the beauty of Istanbul’s famous Spice Bazaar. Founded in 1660, it drew merchants, travelers, and sultans alike for more than three centuries.

She stopped at a shop selling jewelry, admiring a talisman with a bright blue eye symbolizing protection against the evil eye. As the shopkeeper helped place it on her neck, he caught a whiff of her perfume.

Turkish geranium, fresh lavender, zesty mandarin, light lemon, dewy ylang-ylang, sweet heliotrope, deep amber, sensual sandalwood, warm vanilla, and clean musk released in the air, casting an irresistible aroma.

“My family has been in this bazaar for generations, and I have never smelled anything so exquisite,” he exclaimed. “You must make many women envious with your fragrance!”

“Sometimes,” she replied with a smile. “It’s called Turkish Delight.”

Catching her reflection in a mirror, with the blue eye of the pendant glistening on her neck, she paused.

“I suppose I will be needing this amulet, after all,” she said, as they both laughed.

Style: Elegant. Exhilarating. Exotic.

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