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Why skincare?

Because you asked for it, and we want you to give you what you want.

Allow us to introduce Harvey Prince’s new Medical Director: Dr. Ram Chandra.

Dr. Chandra is the owner and director of Anara Med Spa and Laser Center, Harvey Prince’s newest affiliate.

Dr. Chandra is a Cosmetic and Laser Physician and Diplomate of the American Board of Laser Surgery, and a Board-Certified Fundamental Laser Science and Laser Safety Specialist.

In addition to Dr. Chandra, we now have a dermatologist and a licensed aesthetician and cosmetologist on board. Harvey Prince is so committed to excellence and customer trust that we’ve acquired a dedicated skincare salon so we can test and evaluate products in our state-of-the-art facility before bringing recommendations to you.

The Harvey Prince brand began with unique, pretty and alluring perfumes. Ever innovative and responsive to customer needs, we expanded into luxury scented lotions and body products. We answered your call for quality hair care products.

Next stop… skincare that you can trust. Brought to you by a brand you have trusted.

We’re proud to launch with lines ranging from the very affordable and highly effective brand RoC®, the clinically proven and science-forward brand Exuviance® Professional, the spa-originated and clinically developed brand Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare®.

Skincare® and the chemist-developed cult-favorite brand BeautyStat®.

Proven skincare brought to you by a brand you trust. Beautiful skin has never been easier.

Welcome to skincare by Harvey Prince.

Harvey Prince + Anara Med Spa + Beau Monde Esthetics Spa = Products and Advice You Can Trust

What is a Medi Spa?

A medical spa also referred to as a medi spa or medspa, is a hybrid of a traditional day spa and a medical treatment facility. Generally, spa-type services and treatments are available along with beauty treatments that require a medical license additional to cosmetology and aesthetician licenses.

In a medi spa, a medical doctor — often a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist — designs, administers, and supervises treatments and remains on hand to address questions, concerns, or complication around procedures, and to ensure quality control and best practices.

In contrast to traditional day spas, medi spas fulfill a requirement to be affiliated with, overseen, or managed by a licensed physician. While not every procedure is completed by an M.D., they are performed under the supervision of a certified one.

These doctors specialize in medical aesthetics which can be thought of as a combination of medicine and artistry. The best Medi Spa doctors are sensitive, compassionate and have a real desire to improve the beauty a person possesses, not to sculpt their attributes as to be unrecognizable or inauthentic to the person’s essence, according to Anara Med Spa and Laser Center’s Dr. Chandra.

Because a doctor is present in the Medi Spa, effective and complex prescription medications and medical-grade beauty products can be administered and prescribed, including, but not limited to: lasers, chemical peels, the injection of dermal fillers such as Botox and Juvederm, and the infusion of platelet-rich plasma.

These treatments often run concurrently with relaxing, rejuvenating, and topical treatments such as waxing, microblading, massage, facials, saunas and steams, and eyelash extensions. This harmony of service type allows clients to avail themselves of a variety of beauty treatments in one trusted location for convenience and also to design a plan of treatment for overall, holistic beauty using multiple approaches.

Why Did Harvey Prince Seek a Partnership with a Doctor and a Medi Spa?

Simple. To retain your loyalty and trust as we expand into the skincare area.

We wouldn’t ever steer our loyal customers wrong. As fragrance experts, we have confidence in the organic, top-quality perfumes, and body-care products we manufacture and sell. For skincare — something you asked us for — we needed education, guidance, and support so we sought out the best of the best.

Knowing that we have the ear of a medical doctor such as Dr. Chandra and his hand-chosen staff of top estheticians, along with a state-of-the-art Medi Spa facility that can test and vet beauty products that we vend and recommend gives us confidence in serving you. And we know that our going the extra mile will ensure your ongoing confidence in Harvey Prince.

We are honored to be on your journey with you as you blossom into the best and most beautiful YOU you can be.

Harvey Prince + Anara Med Spa + Beau Monde Esthetics You… the perfect recipe for a beautiful future.

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