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She was visiting Berlin on a trip for business. The busy, modern city sometimes made her long for an adventure to an exotic, ancient destination. She found her escape in the Neues Museum, which housed a vast collection of Egyptian artifacts.

As she explored the museum’s seemingly endless objects, she came across the timeless Nefertiti bust, more than 3,300 years old and an icon of feminine beauty. Soft red lips, large brown eyes, high cheekbones, and a long, slender neck, Nefertiti is as elegant today as millennia ago, she thought.

Her mind’s eye pondered what life was like for the beautiful Egyptian queen. Surrounded by opulent wealth and indulged with every luxury from an empire, Nefertiti lived a life unparalleled.

She took out a bottle of her Nefertiti perfume and glided it on her neck as her imagination continued to wander. Notes of lush Egyptian jasmine, rich cedarwood, sensual sandalwood, warm amber, spicy vanilla, deep musk, and fresh bergamot transported her to Nefertiti’s lavish kingdom.

She woke from her fantasy with a smile.

Style: Refined. Elegant. Luminous.

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