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Lying on the white sand shores of the world-famous Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, with its crystal-blue waters shimmering in the summer sun, she felt Brazil was paradise on earth.

This was her first time visiting, and she was sure it wouldn’t be her last. Full of friendly, passionate people with a laid-back love of life, Brazil was unlike any other country she had been to before.

As she caught the warm rays of the sun, she applied her new perfume, Rio, on her pulse points. Sweet Brazilian rosewood, fresh peach, light lemon, tangy cassis, dewy jasmine, lush lily, spicy vanilla, brown sugar, sensual sandalwood, and clean musk drifted in the tropical air.

A bright red Frisbee landed by her, and a Brazilian with dark, chiseled features and an easy smile approached her. He complimented her on her perfume and picked up his Frisbee.

Only in Rio, she laughed to herself.

Style: Tropical. Exotic. Sublime.

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